Contacting your legislator.

Telephone or personal meeting tips.

Please adapt these as you find appropriate.
  1. Aim for a personal meeting with your legislator. You are unlikely to be able to speak with him or her on the phone unless you already have an established relationship. Tell their assistant that you want to meet with them to share some information about the death penalty and to ask a few questions.
  2. Find out something about your legislators before you call or meet with them. Congratulate them on something they have accomplished.
  3. Be polite and direct. Take your time. Take notes, during the conversation, too. You want to be able to report what you find out.
  4. Identify yourself by both name and address. Emphasize the fact that you are a constituent. Ask for an appointment to discuss an issue important to you.
  5. Let them know that you are concerned with the means that our nation is using to track down and punish the criminals that are responsible for the events of 9/11..
  6. Let them know what you think about the issue and then give them an opportunity to tell you what they think.
  7. Record your impressions of the conversation and be prepared to share your thoughts with others in your district and others working on this project.
  8. Tell the legislator how you will follow up on this contact, e.g.; "I will be sending you more information," "I will get back in touch soon," "I will be sharing my impressions of this discussion with others," etc.
  9. Ask the legislator to follow-up in some way, also. "Please sign-up as co-sponsor of <bill>", "Please assure me that you will vote for <bill>", "Please let me know your thinking after you have a chance to review these materials," etc.
  10. Thank your legislator for the opportunity to discuss the war on terrorism.