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1. Sign the Peace Pledge
2. Letters to the Editor - samples and tips
3. Voices on Iraq updates

1. Sign the Peace Pledge

The Bush Administration is considering pursuing military action against as many as 40 countries suspected of harboring terrorists.  Iraq remains a prime target.  Join others pledging opposition to the war against Iraq. Sign the new Campaign of Conscience Peace Pledge to Stop the Spread of the War to Iraq.  The Peace Pledge has been endorsed by the AFSC, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Voices in the Wilderness, and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility.

You can sign on-line at, and you can see a list of other Iraq peace activism ideas at   You can also print out the pledge to mail in at

The House of Representatives is voting this evening (Wednesday) on HJRes. 75, which escalates the threat of expanding the "war on terrorism" to Iraq. Our Congressional e-mail letter campaign (that we wrote about last week) has already generated more than 1200 e-mails to Congress and President Bush. You can still send the "Don't Invade Iraq" e-mail or write one of your own by going to

2. Letters to the Editor - samples and tips

The Western Washington office of the Fellowship of Reconciliation provides a variety of sample letters that can be sent to local newspapers.  The site also features background and talking points on Iraq sanctions.

3. Voices on Iraq updates

In addition to updates from the Voices in the Wilderness delegation in Iraq, our Voices on Iraq section ( features a recent article by Hans von Sponeck, former United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, spelling out alternatives in Iraq to military action. It identifies the international institutions and structures that are available for diplomacy.  The United States has consistently refused to open direct dialogue with Iraq and has downplayed the efforts of the Arab League and United Nations in establishing a legitimate forum for useful steps towards resolution of this conflict.

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