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Recent talks of interest by Dr. Bill Barclay (Dr. Barclay spoke at our forum in Janaury 2013; see below for details):
    Dr. Barclay's presentation at DuPage Peace Through Justice Just Views on poverty in the U.S., "The Other America: Yesterday and Today." Download as pdf or as PowerPoint.

    Illinois Pension issue: Dr. Barclay's presentation before the Illinois Pension Conference Committee on how to help the state with its fiscal issues while being fair to the state employees who have earned their pensions. http://www.cpegonline.org

Recent event: Forum: What can we do to fix the crises in jobs, housing, healthcare and education?

        Saturday, January 12, 2013, 7:00 PM
        St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 393 North Main Street, Glen Ellyn.

Our main speaker was Dr. Bill Barclay. Dr. Barclay spent 22 years working in the financial services industry and was a vice president of both the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. He has also been a long-time fighter for peace and justice. His writings have appeared in many publications, and he has made many media appearances, including on *Fox News* (see Bill Barclay video).

In addition to Dr. Barclay, a panel of local residents described how they have been affected by the economic crises.

We also had a lively question and comment session.

Download Dr. Barclay's presentation as a pdf or as PowerPoint. Thanks to everyone who joined us!



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The purpose of the DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition is multifaceted: to promote nonviolent solutions to terrorism, to call on members of Congress to protect civil liberties, and to provide a public forum to present alternatives to war and education on cross cultural issues. The Coalition is made up of people from diverse ethnic, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds united in their belief that war is not the answer to terrorism. For more information about the past or planned activities of the Coalition, please contact the DPTJC coordinating committee at:
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